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Letter from our firm

Dear Clients,

As things keep changing with Covid-19, we will be implementing the following as of 8:00 am tomorrow.

Most of us will be working remotely and Jill will be in and out of the office. We ask that you help us through this as we want to protect as many people as possible.

1. Please use our Liscio Communication Platform to either upload your documents to us or sign your signature pages to get your return filed. If you do not have a login or have not registered please talk to Jill and she will make sure you are setup. You can download the Liscio app and communicate with us right from your phone.

2. This year we have implemented an electronic signature for the tax return, but to do this, if you are married we need separate email addresses. If we don't have your spouse's email address please let Jill know.

3. What this means is we will not be accepting signatures, or tax returns picked up in person. You will either be able to sign your return electronically or we can mail your return to you. Many options to get signatures without visiting our office.

The final thing is we are working on the returns in the order that they are received. If you think you owe and are not planning on paying until July, 15th, please let us know, so we can push you down the list and get people that have refunds coming done first so that they can get their money back in this need of time.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. 

You may check our website for up to date information. 

We are also available for appointments by Zoom video conferencing. 

Please be sure to reach out to us with concerns or questions. We are here to help!


Knoll & Company, P.C.